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We have expertise in making great websites, blogs and portals leveraging the latest technologies and delivering a great user experience. We have delivered solutions using WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and Drupal.

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True Fanz

A unique social media network where creators can monetize better than the traditional social networks and provide value to fans by giving them access to exclusive content and access to the people they adore the most.

Cuddle House

A bright, playful, rich experience sets the tone for this portal for Cuddle House. This is a play school and the theme was designed accordingly. It provides details of the programs, details on how to register, facilities, book an event, see upcoming events, galleries etc.

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DaVinci Club AR

DaVinci is an upcoming AR based game that helps young minds learn more through a game format while having fun. The idea was to help parents use their children's limited screen time in a productive manner.


An aggregator service for co-working spaces based in Latin America. This seeks to connects startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs with spaces across the geography that they operate in. The mobile app allows both the co-working space owner and renter to manage their activities.

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A serene experience to suit the theme for this spiritual leader - Ananta Dev. Website provides details of Ananta Dev's beliefs and teaching, podcasts, wisdom and an option to contribute through donations.

Presented By P

A popular blog focused on food, travel and lifestyle. Presented by P is among the top followed blogs in Kolkata. The design was made keeping in mind the target audience, improved readability and navigation.

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A children's delivery based library service operating in the city of Bengaluru. BookGuru's goal is to raise enchanted readers in our society. There is also a mobile application that allows user to manage the books they want to borrow, return and take quiz etc.

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