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True Fanz
AlphaTec LLC,
(Indiana, USA)

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AlphaTech wanted to bring out a product for their network of influencers and launch a premium social media network where influencers could share premium content for their most dedicated fans.

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True Fanz makes it easy to setup an account, share their profile and get fans to subscribe. There are multiple options to keep the audience engaged through automated posting feature - which allows influencer to add various audio, images, video, polls, schedule post, set an expiry etc. The referral process allows them to onboard other influencers and earn additional benefits through a share of revenue generated by their referrals.

Revenue Generation

True Fanz has a number of features for influencers to build a diverse and strong revenue stream from the process

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The fans get to access premium content from the people they adore. This content which may not be available on free social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat etc. Fans can also get exclusive access and individual attention as a paying subscriber. Fans can reach out through messaging and can express their opinion through polls as well.

Content Moderation

A social media platforms like this can be abused and True Fanz has a strict policy towards illegal, copyright infringement, and obscenity that all content must adhere to. To help this, the application administrators have tools to enable them to monitor and pull down content as needed. Users also have the option to report any content that violates guidelines.

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True Fanz as a platform is a win-win for both the influencers and their fans. The influencers get to create a special network of their most loyal fans and give them access to premium content and exclusive access. There are additional features planned that will make the network grow stronger.

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