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AlphaTec works with a lot of local businesses and delivers various tools that help them scale their business, increase profitability etc. RepuStream helps businesses manage their reputation which is an important aspect in running a successful business.

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Customer Feedback

RepuStream helps business maintain a list of their past customers and allows the business owner to setup a workflow through which they can be contacted (via email & SMS) to share their feedback. Positive feedback is something that any business owner would love to showcase on different platforms for future customers to see and get a positive opinion about them.

Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is also essential as it helps identify the gaps in the service given to customers and a chance to make amends for the mistakes made by the business. RepuStream encourages customers to share their bad experiences and business owners can still do something to ensure they do not lose a loyal customer due to one bad experience.

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Platforms Supported

RepuStream supports various popular review platforms and even allows the business owner to add their custom links. RepuStream allows business owners to create their team which can help manage the business through a secure access control mechanism. There can be multiple businesses and a particular person may be given control of one or more business.


As running a business is an involved task in itself, a lot of business owners like to solicit the help of an agency to manage their customer feedback and social media presence etc. RepuStream has a special interface to allow marketing agencies to do that and more. The resellers program is also useful for marketing agencies who use RepuStream to manage their client accounts.

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RepuStream is a genuine tool that helps give the essential visibility to a business that helps it grow. There are other interesting aspects to this tool that we are working on bringing out to the users soon.

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