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AlphaTec works with marketing agencies and understands the different processes needed by a marketeer. Reach Suite aggregates their experiences and is a tool that has been designed to make marketing tasks easy for everyone.

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Managing Leads

Reach Suite helps business maintain a list of leads. To enable aggregation of new leads, there are custom opt-in forms that can be easily configured on the platform. Anyone filling these form is tracked as a lead on the system. Leads can further be arranged through lists and tags.

Communications Modes

Different modes of communication are supported and user can prepare different templates based on common situations / workflows. A lead can be sent a text message (SMS), an email, a postcard or a automated voice drop. The text & email are standard options but voice drop allows for a personal touch from the marketeer while reaching out to leads.

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Automations & Sequence Builder

There are various automations available in the IFTTT (if this then that) model. It is a powerful way to update status of your leads in the system and take automated actions and sending specific communications.

The graphical sequence builder make orchestrating this process more powerful by allowing the marketeer to arrange steps, actions based on trigger and filtering through tags & lists etc.

Form Builder

The form builder is an additional feature that makes it easy to capture and arrange leads. User is easily able to set the fields of different types, name them, order them and get their form ready. Once they are satisfied, they can grab the code for this form and deploy it anywhere they like.

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Reach Suite is a strong tool that can save time, effort and improve the efficiency of a marketing team. It provides all the necessary touch points that can be used to reach out to leads in the most effective and accurate manner possible. A lot of manual processes and effort can be avoided by clever use of the various features provided within Reach Suite.

There are various additional features that are in the pipeline as the team strives to make a mature product that can compete with the best tools available in this domain.

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