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ECom Kingz wanted to use their expertise and industry insight to build a tool for eCommerce merchants to identify and tap on profit making opportunities in dropshipping. We provided the technical solution to enable this tool that is being used by their followers.

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Why Dropshipping? is the leading eCommerce player in the USA as they offer most products at the lowest price available in the market. That is not always true, but people tend to buy all their products from the same preferred place which helps eCommerce players to sell some products at a much higher price. This is due to brand loyalty and comfort of use. People do not want to analyze before each purchase.


Product Stalker helps dropshippers identify such items that can be purchased from other platforms at a lower price and can be sold on this platform at a higher price for a profit. The prices of products are dynamic on every platform as they are all served by multiple merchants and we have to always consider the best deals. Also, products need to be ones with higher sales volume. Eventually, identifying an opportunity is not useful if there are no / low sales.

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Finding Opportunities

Based on input from the merchant, we search all similar products available on different eCommerce platforms and calculate the net cost of the item including shipping, sales tax and also calculate the net selling price including commissions, shipping and help identify the potential profit that can be made.


Collecting data about products is not a simple, cheap operation so caching was necessary. Considering the huge amount of products and related data, and the dynamic nature of their prices, availability across different merchants, we needed a strong caching policy to have the system work with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

Another issue faced was frequent changes made by the different platforms and we have engaged a strong error detection / warning system to ensure highest availability for users at all times.

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Product Stalker is a useful tool that empowers merchants by giving them access to profit making opportunities. It leverages product research across millions of products sold on various eCommerce websites which have prices changing regularly. To maintain high availability, we have implemented a FUP (fair usage policy) enforced through a token system.

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