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Entropy Analytics goes beyond plans and reports. Business Command Center provides a 360 degree visibility of the business. This can provide a business access to the relevant data and enable intelligent decision making in different situations.

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Need For Analytics

Entropy Analytics empowers businesses with accurate, relevant and insightful knowledge that can is necessary for any business. There are solutions for large enterprises but SMEs do not have good tools to enable this. The idea was to make one module and show the benefits to the client company and then delve deeper and make other modules that can also benefit them.

Customer Service

We started with a dashboard for the customer service module which pulled data from Zendesk and employed webhooks to capture any changes made by agents during their regular work processes. This enabled the system to have the latest information, along with various analytical reports.

This PoC was followed by converting the modules that were built as part of legacy PHP system to the new application. New modules are planned for further development.

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The sales module is particularly important for the pilot client as it gives the management a view of various trends of sales by period, region, product and customer section. It gives insight into performance of different sales personnel and teams.

Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment was another critical module. This allowed employees to parse details and generate orders from tickets or emails received from eCommerce partners. The orders would have a priority and can be assigned to a workbench on the factory floor.

Mobile Application

A mobile application for the order fulfillment module covering the factory floor management that is used by workers as they review the pending & upcoming tasks, collect raw materials, proceed to the build process, send completed orders through the quality control (QC) process and iterate till the QC check is passed. Each assigned, time taken for each step is tracked and reports made available to the supervisors.

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A major issue faced in the customer support module was the rate of requests fired by changes made by agents was causing the MySQL thread pool to be exhausted. A queue solution was implemented to streamline this and stress tested to ensure this was not repeated in production. This was stress tested for upto a million requests being in the queue. After this, we were able to safely ensure scalability of this solution.



Entropy Analytics' one stop hardware and software solution is designed to digitize and re-engineer business processes. It gives business owners/managers access to real time visualization of the entire business: every call, sale, order, operation, shipment and invoice – as it happens and how it impacts the business.

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Client Testimonial

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Raju Sunny

Co Founder, Entropy Analytics Dashboard

Working with Logic Square has been our best experience so far. We will be returning with more work.

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Logic Square came into Entropy's product as we were building our portal for our first customer deployment. Delivery was on time and we had minimal issues with it. Communication was always a highlight and their technical suggestions have been on-point.

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