Internship Experience – Akshat and Sakshi

We started with Computer Science last year when we started college, and then applied for a software developer internship at Logic Square Technologies earlier this year. We had limited practical experience but we had tried out a few JavaScript frameworks by developing simple projects like To Do list, real-time chat etc. There was a match in the technologies we were interested in – Angular 5 & Ionic 3. During the phone interview, the founder mentioned that they were looking for young people who have a passion for technology. That was the reason they passed-on senior engineering students and shortlisted us even though we were in the 1st year of college. The interview process included two parts – the first was problem-solving questions in the phone interview and then an offline assignment to test our practical knowledge. Questions were not very difficult but not obvious either. We got an offer about a week after submitting the programming assignment. The assignment was open-ended – they wanted to see how we put our thought in implementing something and our code was reviewed.   We were assigned our first projects immediately after joining. One of us got an event management application and the other got an eCommerce application for a Bar. We were given HTML templates of the application, a design prototype on Invision and some basic documentation about the app. Our first task was to convert the static HTML into a clickable prototype in which one could transition from one page to another and see the workflow of the application. The idea was that the client could see something tangible in their hand... read more